Rainbow White Chocolate Cupcakes

I decided to do some procrasti-baking to avoid the task of writing report cards lol.

Miss 2 was ready to assist as big brother and daddy had gone to the gym!!

I used a basic cupcake recipe which I have used for years and improved it by adding  White Chocolate Powder

I have never baked anything this creative before so if I can do it anyone can!!

Makes 12.


1 cup SR Flour

1/4 cup milk

1/2 cup caster sugar

1 tablespoon vanilla

1 tablespoon white choc powder

2 eggs

125g butter

Food colouring (I used queen)


Cream butter and sugar

Line a muffin/patty pan tray with papers

Preheat oven to 180 degrees

Add in 1 egg at a time and gradually add flour to the mix

   Keep mixing well.
  Add milk and vanilla 
Mix again until well combined.

Divide mixture into 4-6 bowls

Add colours to each bowl

Tip: blue and red make purple

Yellow And red make orange

Stir colours through well

 I added white choc powder to the individual colours as I forgot to do it when I was mixing the original mixture

 Place spoonfuls of each colour into the patty pans


Bake for 15 mins approx or until a skewer comes out clean. 


These can be frozen for lunch boxes.

Happy baking

Ren xx

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