Microwave Meringues

Such a simple dessert idea. So simple the kids can even make these on their own. Ingredients: 300g Icing Sugar 1 Egg White Method: Mix together Roll into small marble size balls Place on paper towel Leave lots of space between them. Cook in microwave for about 40 seconds Store in an air tight container.

Loaded Savoury Veggie Slice

Loaded Savoury Veggie Slice 🥚 🥕#foodiemummaren Ingredients * 2 zucchini’s grated and liquid squeezed out * 1 carrot grated * 8 florets of broccoli sliced thinly * 6 mushrooms thinly sliced * 8 eggs * 1 cup self-raising flour * 1 cup cheese grated * 1 pinch of salt and pepper * 1 heaped tablespoon…