Jelly Playdough

Thanks Aeroplane Jelly – try making this with your children today. JELLY PLAY DOUGHIngredients:1 packet of Aeroplane Jelly Crystals (your favourite colour).1 cup white flour.1 cup warm water.2tbsp salt.2tbsp cream of tartar.2tbsp oil. Method:Add all the ingredients together in a big mixing bowl. Mix all the ingredients together until consistent. Pour into a pan and…

Cloud Dough – 2 Ways

This version is suited to older children as it contains conditioner Ingredients: 500 ml of cheap conditioner 750g approx of cheap cornflour Add in food colouring or essential oils if desired Method: Mix ingredients together until it resembles sandy dough Store in an air tight container

Salt Grill – Aria 

  Where do I begin? Our dining experience at  Luke Mangan’s Salt Grill was beyond our wildest expectations.  Lunch is $39 and dinner is $49, a small fraction of the price you would pay on land back in Australia.  Our waiter was amazing. He sincerely Welcomed us to Salt and poured us water. Took our drink…

Cruising aboard Pacific Aria 

Wow what a week away. Hubby and I have just returned from our first ever cruise aboard Pacific Aria.  A huge thanks to hubby’s parents Marion and Michael for having the children for the week. We really appreciated this and I’m glad you survived it 😍 At first less than 24 hours before we departed,…

Noosa, Queensland, Australia 

One of our families favourite day trip destinations is Noosa. We love the amazing beaches, walking trails and food. It is very special to us as we got married on the beach 8 years ago not far from Hastings Street. Our children love exploring and having a great time trying new foods there as well….