Leftover Roast Chicken Ideas

I had a roast chicken in the fridge which needs to be used up. I asked my fans for some ideas and wow did they deliver! Please see their amazing ideas below. Thanks to all who took the time to share.

  1. Make a chicken soup – Kelly-Anne Muckert
  2. Freeze it. Use it later – Marina Cameron
  3. Shred chicken mix with cup frozen mix vege and a cup of blended mix vege and use mixture to fill puff pasty for pasties. After cooked they can be frozen and reheated. I do these all the time with left over meats and cooked veges – Mandee Crow
  4. Chicken Fried Rice. I just got a cooked chook at Woolies for $4 and that is what I am doing with it – Melissa Smith
  5. Apricot chicken: Pull meat off bones, chuck in a pot with apricot nectar and a pack of chicken noodle soup and heat up – Helen Goody
  6. Chicken pesto pasta bake – Naye Mustang
  7. Caesar salad or crepes filled with chicken, cooked asparagus, cooked mushies, white sauce and drained canned corn and grated tasty cheese. Baked in oven with extra white sauce and grated Parmesan on top until golden brown. If I can’t be bothered making crepes as a really easy meal I have it with rice or toast. Simple and tasty. The choice of veggies can change depending on what I want to use up – Lyn Lucas
  8. Chicken Pasta Bake – Kara Ingram
  9. Vegemite Chicken – Tam Zxo
  10. Chicken & vegetable creamy pasta bake – Angelina Turner
  11. Shred it, put it in a saucepan with some curry, cook some rice and have curried chicken and rice – Christine Bockman
  12. Fujian fried rice with chicken (has a sauce over it) – Jody Heard https://hk.lkk.com/en/recipes/fujian-fried-rice
  13. Cob loaf, Curry, Quiche, Salad wraps – Laura Schuls
  14. Chicken and gravy rolls – Loz Barton
  15. Chicken and mushroom risotto – Marie O’Connor
  16. Creamy chicken vol-u-vents – Raylene Gillard
  17. Make some pasta of choice shred chicken add Alfredo sauce toss all together with seasonings of choice. Then put in a baking pan than add parmesan on top and bake – Sarah Randolph
  18. Pesto chicken and pasta. Super quick and delicious. – Sheridan Brember
  19. Sweet and sour chicken – CC https://www.ccskitchen.com.au
  20. Chicken and corn voul au vents – Tania McKay
  21. Chicken curry,chicken noodle soup,chicken fajitas,chicken nachos – Meagan Spence
  22. Tacos , chicken salad, chicken soup mince sausage rolls – Natalie Kuhnert
  23. Chicken nachos, enchiladas , BBQ pulled chicken burgers , loaded fries , chicken gravy rolls, fried rice – Jayd Dawson-Sellars
  24. Chicken and leek pies. 😋 – Karen Daly
  25. MORE TO BE ADDED SOON! Thanks everyone

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