Walk in Robe Unplanned Reno 😂

Hubby and I have been speaking about giving out walk in robe a renovation for a while.  Today as it was pouring rain we decided to begin tidying the clutter. I didn’t get far as I’m the biggest procrastinator in the world.  Hubby is very organised and methodical, hanging his shirts in categories eg gym…


Hands Up If You Need to Relax?

How many of us actually put ourselves first? I know I don’t. What is one thing you could do today to make you feel better about yourself?  Share Your Ideas/Thoughts in the comments. Today I am going to do some gardening – as it helps me relax. Ren

Putting Things Into Perspective! 

I had a lovely phone call today from my best friend Katrina which is exactly what I needed.  It’s been about 2 weeks since we have spoken as life is so busy. She is encouraging, inspiring and such a creative lady.    I ended the phone call due to a large storm in the area. …