Milo Mousse


  • 100 grams chocolate chips or crushed chocolate, Easter eggs etc

• 1 bottle very cold thickened cream, (600ml)

• 6 heaped tablespoons Milo

• 2 tablespoons Heavenly Chocolate Powder

• You can add sugar to this but I didn’t


1. Add chocolate to bowl and blitz – 5 seconds/Speed 7. Set aside.

2. Place butterfly into bowl. Add thickened cream, Milo, chocolate powder and Beat – 20 seconds/Speed 4.

3. Add the blitzed chocolate and beat – 10 seconds/Speed 4. If it has not thickened, keep beating 5 seconds at a time, until the cream has thickened, and has the ‘frangipani’ look at the top.

4. Place in fridge to chill for a few hours. Serve sprinkled with extra Milo!

My recipe is adapted from the original recipe which is located here

You can leave out the chocolate pieces for a smooth consistency.

Use this to ice cakes as well. Delish.

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