Turkish Delight Cheesecake

3 Philly 1tin condensed milk 300mls thickened cream 3tsp gelatin 150 grams white chocolate 3Tsp choc raspberry truffle powder . Make the base as per packet and add 1 Tbls choc raspberry truffle powder and 1Tsp black Forrest dukkah and handful of coconut. Put base in fridge then beat Philly add condensed milk then cream and powder white choc then mix gelatin in quarter cup hot water and beat in until smooth chop 4 Turkish delights poor half mixture in the base add Turkish delights then poor rest of mixture on top add black Forrest dukkah for decoration ENJOY

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  1. Bec Harnett says:

    Where can I get the Black Forest dukah and the choc raspberry truffle powder from?


    1. renorta says:

      Hello you can purchase it from my website https://m.facebook.com/renitaYIAH/
      Click the shop now link


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