Tuna & Veg Lasagne

My family loves tuna and pasta so I thought why not combine the two and put a different spin on things


Cheesy sauce 

Veges of your choice ( I used cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, leek, zucchini and mushrooms) chopped finely

Large tin of drained tuna

Seasoning of your choice use fresh herbs such as chives. I used country onion and chive dip mix.

Lasagne sheets

Panko breadcrumbs

Grated cheese


Prepare your cheese sauce 

Add tuna and Veges and gently cook until Veges are soft

Commence assembling your lasagne by starting with a little of the mix at the bottom of the tray

Next add a layer of lasagne sheets 

Continue alternating layers of mixture and lasagne sheets. Once you reach the top cover the layer with Panko breadcrumbs and I used a dukkah as well. Sprinkle grated cheese and bake in a moderate oven until lasagne sheets are soft.

Happy cooking 


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