English Muffins made in the Pie Maker – Created by the amazing Peter Michalantos

English Muffins in the pie maker.

I have a Kmart pie maker which makes mini egg and bacon muffins but if you have a deep dish pie maker that would make more the size of a normal size egg and bacon muffin.

I used a bread maker for the dough.

Made 10 small and approx 15 egg ring size


1 cup (250ml) milk

2 tablespoons white sugar

2.5 tsp instant yeast

1 cup warm water

1/4 cup melted copha

6 bread flour

1 teaspoon salt

Semolina only a little bit for dough to be rolled on, approx 1/4 c – 1/2 c





Put milk and water in jug microwave till luke warm. Add sugar and yeast, allow 10 mins to activate.

Pour into bread maker add melted copha, flour and salt, put on dough setting, wait till finished.

Put oven on low heat. This is to help prove dough for 2nd time.

Sprinkle semolina on bench, roll dough to approx. 1cm thick, use a champagne flute like in picture to cut out for Kmart pie maker or egg ring for deep dish pie makers. Put on baking paper on a tray put in the oven. Turn oven off leave approx 15-20 mins.

When done put 4 in pie maker, 4 mins each side, if cooking in pan needs really low heat for approx 5 mins each side.

When they are cooled down turn muffin on side use a fork to stab in the side around the outside now use fork to pull top from bottom.

Prep your bacon use egg ring to cut bacon for bigger ones, use off cuts to cut to 1cm pieces for the smaller ones. Cook the off cuts that u cut up and put aside in a bowl.

Turn pie maker on spray with cooking spray.

Crack an egg in each tin, continue till cooked think about 4 mins, remove put one base of muffin put egg on top top with bacon pieces and couple little pieces of cheese, put lid on and cook a couple of minutes.

If cooking big one heat a pan spray 2 egg rings, crack an egg in each when half cooked flip. Put 2 bacon rounds in pan and 2 split muffins cut side down. Put small pieces of cheese on each piece of bacon, put bacon/cheese on top of egg, put egg on top of one of the bases of the muffin, add lid.


Thanks Peter for allowing me to share your amazing recipes

One thought on “English Muffins made in the Pie Maker – Created by the amazing Peter Michalantos

  1. Shona Renee Lloyd

    6 bread flour is that meant to be 6 cups or tablespoons or some other measurement?

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