White Red Velvet Cheesecake -Linda Russell

White red velvet cheesecake with spiced pomegranate white chocolate macadamia dukkah 

1pkt biscuit base 

2Tbs dukkah 

1/4 cup coconut 

3Tsp butter melted  

Mix all together and press into springform tin for the base and refrigerate .


2 home brand cream cheese 

1 tin condensed milk 

300mls thickened cream 

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

100grms melted white choc 

2Tbs gelatin powder in 1/4cup hot water 

2Tbs white red velvet powder 

Beat cream cheese add condensed milk and vanilla bean paste 

Add cream and melted white choc

Add powder beat for a minute srape down sides occasionally then add gelatin beat altogether and pour over base 

Top with Dukkah and let set overnight 


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