Pizza Night

I had a craving for pumpkin, feta and spinach. Hubby suggested why don’t we have pizzas for dinner. Off I went to the shops to pick up some fresh ingredients. Found some beautiful prawns and chicken along the way too.

Made my own pesto 

Bunch of rocket

1/2 cup almonds or cashews

1/4 cup fresh basil

2 tablespoons intense garlic oil 

Blitz until puréed then spread on pizza base.

Dice pumpkin, feta and your choice of other ingredients. We made 2 pizzas. 

Pizza 1:


Grated Cheese

Feta cheese

Diced pumpkin


Green deveined banana prawns 

Pizza 2:

Cooked diced chicken breast




Tomato pizza sauce 

Grated cheese

Green banana prawns 

2 thoughts on “Pizza Night

  1. Gillian

    Looks so yummy!! Did the pumpkin cook?

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