Chicken & Leek Pie with Mushy Peas

We have roast chicken for dinner the night before hubby heads back to work so he can use some of the left over meat for his sandwiches he needs to survive the 7 hour drive back. 

I was under the pump yesterday and didn’t have time to roast our own chicken so instead I went and purchased two. 

Heaps of meat was left over and I had a bright idea – chicken and leek pie. Today here in Gympie was a really cold, windy and gloomy day so perfect pie weather. 

Kids and I had to race back to Coles as we had no pastry here. I decided to be super lazy and buy a pie crust. What a bad decision that ended up being. 

Look what I was faced with 😡

After cursing quite a few times I stopped took a deep breath and thought what the elk do I do? I decided to place the broken pie crust pieces into a dish and zap them for 15 seconds in the microwave to soften. This worked and I was able to reroll the dough into a workable crust.

Ingredients: Pie Filling & Crust

2 cups of Cooked chicken

1 leek sliced 

4 button mushrooms sliced 

1 shortcrust pie crust or puff pastry if you prefer

1/2 cup of cream

1 tablespoon of butter 

Herbs (I used country onion and chives dip mix)


Fry the leek and mushrooms in the butter until softened. 

Add in chicken, cream and herbs. 

Warm through. Place into pie crust and top with mushy peas and bake for 20 mins at 180 degrees. 

To make mushy peas take 500g baby peas, steam or boil until soft. Process with 1/4 cup of cream, 6 mint leaves and salt and pepper.

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