Creamed Corn & Bacon Cob Loaf

Cob Loaf 

Every family has their own special cob loaf recipe.

I have used this basic cob loaf recipe for years.

Of course now with the addition of Yiah it is just perfect.

Soften cream cheese.

Pour cream cheese and a can of creamed corn into a bowl.

Add 1 carton of sour cream.

Add 1 cup of grated cheese.
Take your cob loaf  and cut off the top.

In the meantime fry up bacon and 1 onion. Bacon bits work perfectly in this.

Mix hot bacon mix into sour cream etc.

I also like to add in chopped kale or spinach and in this particular one I used Italian Rustica Dip Mix.

Cheats tip: warm mix in microwave before placing filling into the hollowed out cob loaf. This saves a lot of cooking time in the oven.

Place filled cob into the oven and cook until bread is toasted.

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