Apple, Sultana & Cinnamon Scones

Ingredients: 3 cups of Self Rasing Flour 100g of butter, chilled and cubed 1 cup of milk 1 Granny Smith Apple peeled and grated  1 drop of cinnamon bark oil or 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 cup of sultanas Method: Preheat oven to 200 degrees  Line a baking tray with paper and make sure your…

Toilet Fizzy Bombs

Ingredients: 2 cups bi carb soda 1 cup citric acid 10 drops peppermint essential oil 10 drops lemongrass essential oil 10 drops lemon essential oil 10 drops of Thieves essential oil 1 tablespoon white vinegar mixed with 1/4 cup of water in a spray bottle Silicone tray Glass jar with lid to store the Fizzy bombs …

Honey, Ginger & Citrus ChickenĀ 

Marinade Ingredients: 3 tablespoons soy sauce salt reduced  3 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons sweet soy 4 garlic cloves crushed 2 cm of fresh ginger grated  1 drop ginger oil 1 drop lime or lemon oil Salt and pepper  Other Ingredients:  1 orange 1 Lime 12 chicken drumsticks  4 kaffir Lime leaves (optional) Method: Brown chicken…

Lemon Hommus

Ingredients:1 400g tin of chick peas rinsed and drained well 1 teaspoon of paprika 1 drop of lemon oil 1 tablespoon of tahini (optional) 2 teaspoons of water  2 cloves of garlic Method:  Blend all ingredients until smooth. Serve with crackers and vegetable sticks.

Bath Salts

Home made bath salts for me. Equal parts rock salt and Himalayan rock salt. I will add some Epsom salts later on (I have run out lol) Lavender and some dried rose petals and 3 drops of lavender oil.  Perfect for a hot bath.  Interested in pure essential oils? Join my tribe šŸ’ž #oilymummaren #foodiemummaren