Alcoholic Sorbet Pops!

I have been waiting for this day since earlier this year! I was approached by the amazing Lesley from Pops By Launch to help promote their Alcoholic Sorbet Pops.

As an avid alcohol lover, this was right up my alley! Due to COVID etc, today was the day I finally got to taste this amazing product.

Pops by Launch is a small, family owned and operated Melbourne based business. They have recently commenced shipping to South East Qld homes and businesses as well.

These are not your typical frozen pop! They are alcoholic and come in 6 amazing flavours.

🍹Limoncello 🍋

🍹Pina Colada 🍍

🍹Scotch & Cola 🥤

🍹Gin & Tonic 🍸

🍹Aperitivo 🥂

🍹Mojito 🍃

I have now tasted them all and highly recommend all flavours. Perfect for a pre dinner treat! Alcohol content is approx 5% however this differs per flavour.

Purchase these from the below Facebook page by sending them a message! Only to be sold to adults over the age of 18. Someone must be home to receive the delivery as these are sorbet and come frozen. #foodiemummaren

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