Crusty Cob Loaf

My amazing Cob Loaf Recipe


Thanks to Foodie Mumma Ren for another delicious recipe!

Today she shares her cob loaf recipe!

Every family has their own special cob loaf recipe.

I have used this basic cob loaf recipe for years.

Of course now with the addition of Yiah it is just perfect.

Soften cream cheese.

Pour cream cheese and a can of creamed corn into a bowl.


Add 1 carton of sour cream.

Add 1 cup of grated cheese.

Take your cob loaf  and cut off the top.

In the meantime fry up bacon and 1 onion. Bacon bits work perfectly in this.

Mix hot bacon mix into sour cream etc.

I also like to add in chopped kale or spinach and in this particular one I used Italian Rustica Dip Mix.

Cheats tip: warm mix in microwave before placing filling into the hollowed out cob loaf. This saves a lot of cooking…

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